Crabstickz T-Shirt White

The difference between the two colours may seem at first to be futile and completely absurd but it is vital as a supporter to The Chris Kendall to wear the correct colour. The purple design is for those from the 'Church of Crab' who believe he will return one day riding on the backs of a thousand crabs as the heavens open up and trumpets blare the theme tune from Dallas. The white design is for those of the 'Kendallarah' faith who believe we are all in fact living inside the mind of The Chris Kendall in a virtual world of his creation. 

If you do not believe in either of these theories it is best to wear nothing over your torso and simply mark your body with a huge 'X' as you are now an undesirable. 

Unisex - make sure to check the size guide for the perfect fit! 100% cotton

Crabstickz is wearing size L in the photo.



Chest to fit
Chest to fit
XS 31-34 79-86
S 36-38 91-97
M 39-41 99-104
L 42-44 107-112
XL 45-47 114-119